Jo Malone Rock the Ages collection review

Jo Malone Rock the Ages collection

Jo Malone Rock the Ages collection

I am a big fan of Jo Malone, and that will become evident in this blog.  I love the simplicity of the branding, the complimentary boxes, the ribbon and the scented tissue paper.  Most importantly though, I am most attracted to the uplifting pure fragrances.  I often say that a Jo Malone perfume makes me happy and as odd as that may sound to some it really does.  I am also a bit of a fan of all things English so I was quite excited to see the release of the Jo Malone Rock the Ages collection!

Jo Malone Rock the Ages collection

Jo Malone Rock the Ages collection

This collection explores the historical eras of Britain and this has inspired each of the five scents.

Starting left to right we have Tudor Rose & Amber (1485-1603), Lily of the Valley & Ivy       (1714-1830), Pomegranate Noir (1837-1901), Geranium & Verbena (1901-1919) and   finally Birch & Black Pepper (2015)

The bottles are beautiful and look stunning on my dressing table.  The lids are not only in pretty metallic shades include a mix of materials and are very tactile.

So lets get down to the most important part of any cologne. The scent!

The Tudor Rose & Amber cologne is a seductive scent with warm notes.  It has rose notes in it and I feel this lifts the spicy and warming notes of amber and clove.

The Lily of the Valley and Ivy cologne opens with a burst of uplifting Ivy. I like the clean notes of this scent and it would make a lovely layering scent.

The Pomegranate Noir scent is from the regular collection.  A Jo Malone favourite.

The Geranium & Verbena cologne is wonderfully crisp and perfect for this time of year.  The lovely fresh notes dry to a clean powdery scent that lingers all day. Beautiful!

Jo Malone box

Jo Malone box

The Birch & Black Pepper cologne is different – but different in a pleasant way.  It has unusual smokey notes in it.  Certainly not a collection favourite on initial application but no doubt very unique.  That said, it is the one I find most alluring.  One of those scents that make you keep going back to smell your arm after application.  I love scents that do this and this certainly is my favourite longevity wise.

So in summary, they say scent evokes memories and I must say although I am a fan of Jo Malone some of the images I have of the Tudor and Victorian eras doesn’t exactly evoke pleasant smells! That said, I still wanted to give this collection a try and on the whole; I’m glad I did.

Each scent comes in 30ml bottle and is priced at £42.

Have you tried this collection? Which one was your favourite?

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