Oribe Beautiful Colour Collection Review – Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

Oribe Beautiful Colour Collection

Oribe Beautiful Colour Collection

I make it no secret.  I love hair products.  In fact, I am a little bit addicted! I don’t mind paying a little more for a product that promises results.  Sometimes this gamble with my hard earnt money pays off and sometimes it doesn’t.  Step forward Oribe. The haircare brand by the award winning self titled top stylist and hair maestro who created the brand to make women feel wonderful.  Personally speaking this brand of haircare really does make my hair feel wonderful and as they say, a good day cannot be had without a good hair day so I can safely say Oribe achieved what he set out to do.

I intend to review quite a few lines from the Oribe collection.  Partly due to the fact my collection is growing and secondly because the thought of adding to my collection fills me with pure joy! So, to kick off my review is the Beautiful Colour Collection.  I purchased this from Space NK online for £73.00.  It includes three item in the box, the Shampoo, Conditioner and the Mask all intended to keep my colour beautiful.

Oribe Beautiful Colour Shampoo

Oribe Shampoo

On opening the box I am presented with the three products.  The shampoo and conditioner come in the cardboard box that they would have done if buying separately.  The shampoo is 250ml, the conditioner 200ml and the mask 50ml.  This is fantastic value for money as if bought separately from Space NK, the shampoo is £36.00, the conditioner £40.00 and the travel size hair mask is £18.00. So whilst £73.00 is expensive, it is my chosen method of purchase as the value is better than buying individually.

Oribe Beautiful Colour Conditioner

Oribe Beautiful Colour Conditioner

So do the products live up to monetary expectation? Yes Yes and Yes!!!! The shampoo lathers up beautifully and rinses relatively easily.  It does not feel harsh and it does feel like my scalp is actually being nourished.  The conditioner glides through my hair like silk and instantly softens my locks.  I like to leave the conditioner on for a few minutes before rinsing and always find my hair easy to comb after application.  Every week I then choose to treat my hair (and nose but more on that later!) to a richly divine hair mask. I like to ensure my hair is towel dried and comb through the mask from mid length to ends.  A good tip for hair in need of an extra shot of TLC is to apply a cheap shower cap before applying a warm hair towel to allow the product to penetrate the hair.  Always ensure you rinse the hair thoroughly to reveal glossy healthy hair thats ready to take on your desired style!

I have my brunette hair coloured regularly to give it extra depth and shine.  I am yet to try this range straight after colouring so I am looking forward to seeing if this improves the longevity of my colour. As much as I like my hair colourist, it would be great if I didn’t have to see her quite as often!

Oribe Beautiful Colour Mask

Oribe Beautiful Colour Mask

Finally, I must comment on the scent of the Oribe line.  It smells AMAZING! If only I could cover myself in this wonderful scent from head to foot!

Are you a fan of Oribe hair products? Which product is your favourite? Do you have any tips on how to make the most of your hair products? I would love to hear from you!

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