Chanel Rouge Coco (Dimitri 442) Lipstick Review

Chanel coco rouge

Chanel Coco Rouge Dimitri swatch

There really is nothing like a lipstick to make you feel special, and when you add Chanel into the mix it really can’t get much better. I have been eyeing up the new Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks since seeing a solitary red lipstick on the Chanel counter with the caption ‘I love Arthur’.  In Spring 2015 Chanel brought out the newly revamped rouge coco lipsticks.  Each one named after a friend or love of Mademoiselle Chanel. The new formulation is designed to glide onto your lips whilst being soft or bold depending on how you choose to wear it.

Chanel Dimitri Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Coco – shade 442 Dimitri

There are 29 shades, spread across 6 colour palettes and as you can imagine, choosing one is not easy. I could not make my mind up between Arthur or Dimitri. Both reds and both stunning in equal measures but it was Dimitri that I decided to take home! As you see from the colour swatch, Dimitri has in my opinion a slight pink tinge and it was for this reason I chose it over Arthur.  I felt this was more flattering against my paler skin tone. I like to apply the lipstick using a lip brush. I find when applying any red it gives a more precise finish around the cupids bow but I do like to top it up by applying directly from the bullet to soften the bottom lip.  This application method along with the formulation of the lipstick enables me to build the colour to how I want it.

Chanel Rouge CocoLipstick

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick

I have also been given a sample card of 5 other shades in the collection (pictured above from left to right) Adrienne, Coco, Roussy, Arthur and Emilienne and will be doing reviews as and when I use them.  If you would like to see a particular colour then feel free to leave a comment below. Overall, I am delighted with my new lipstick.  A real little luxury at £26.

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