Richard Ward Seasons Winter Hydrate | Overnight Hair & Scalp Therapy Masque – Review

Richard Ward- Overnight Hair and Scalp Remedy Masque

Richard Ward- Overnight Hair and Scalp Remedy Masque

Hair stylist and brand owner Richard Ward has long been a celebrity favourite.    He has cut and styled the hair of many high profile celebrities, including my favourite the Duchess of Cambridge.  I love the Chelsea blow-dry – a term used by many to describe the Kate Middleton curls that Richard Ward does so well.  It is my dream to have my hair styled at his London Salon but until then, that thought is but a fantasy.  So to try and recreate the Richard Ward experience at home, I treated myself to the Richard Ward Overnight Hair and Scalp Therapy Masque in the hope that I would wake up with hair like Kate.

Richard Ward Overnight Hair and Scalp Repair Masque

Richard Ward Overnight Hair and Scalp Repair Masque

This masque is part of the Seasons range.  This particular masque belongs to the Winter collection however it can be used throughout the seasons.  Like other parts of our body, we need to ensure we protect our hair against the elements.  Winter can bring wind chills, rain, and cold conditions and coupled with central heating our hair can suffer. This masque, along with other products from the Seasons Winter Hydrate collection gives you all you need to prevent and treat any damage that has been done.  As we are now in Spring and starting to think about getting Summer ready, it is a good time to deep treat our hair and scalp to a good masque.

I love to pamper myself so the thought of my hair benefitting from a hair masque while I sleep really appealed to me.  I ensure my hair is combed through thoroughly and apply the product working in sections from my scalp through to the ends.  The product obviously goes on wet but dries after about 10 minutes.  All thats left to do then is tie my hair back loosely and go to bed! The product does not leave any residue on my pillow and is comfortable to sleep in.  In fact, the scent is very calming and relaxing.  In the morning when washing my hair, it is important that I ensure I have rinsed my hair well as any product residue would prevent me from achieving bounce and shine which is imperative with a chelsea blow-dry.

So does this work? I certainly notice my hair feels healthy and it does calm my scalp.  When I apply heat whether that be in the form of heated rollers or a hairdryer I find it leaves my hair more responsive.  By that, I mean it holds a curl better.  I will definitely  be buying this again as the results are simply brilliant.

The Richard Ward Seasons Overnight Hair and Scalp Therapy Masque costs £23.00 for 125ml and is available from Richard Wards online store.

I would love to know if you buy any products from the Richard Ward range.  Can you recommend what I should buy next?

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