Chanel Le Vernis Beige Rose 655 Nail Colour – Review

Chanel Le Vernis 655 Beige Rose Le Vernis Nail Colour Review Swatch

Just a short post for today, but one I simply couldn’t resist sharing with you all. Summer 2015 saw the release of the Chanel ‘Les Beiges’ collection. A beautiful collection of beige nail colours that had my name written all over each and every one of them! The colour I am particularly excited about is Beige Rose 655. My manicure of choice for this week!

Chanel Beige Rose is a beautiful glossy pink colour that is the perfect colour for brightening up my hands. It goes on effortlessly and does not streak. This colour has been on my nails for four days so far and it is still chip free.

Overall, I am really pleased with this nail colour. It is priced at £18.00 and you are still able to purchase from some outlets online, but if you are interested I would be quick so you don’t miss out!

I am most impressed with the finish of this colour. In fact, I think it has a gel like quality. What do you think?

Talk to you all soon x

pretty honest

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