MAC Red Lipstick Review And Swatches | Lipstick Monday!

MAC Red Lipstick Review Swatch

Today was a red day. Not just any red though, it had to be my MAC Red.  If there is one colour that MAC do well it is a red. So, what sets this particular one apart from the rest? Well, MAC Red really flatters my pale skin tone as it looks like a pinky red on my lips.  The finish is beautiful, it is lustrous but with a nice dewy finish.

MAC Red Lipstick Swatch Review

I applied MAC Red this morning and it was still on at lunch time! Now, that is pretty impressive for a lipstick! It stayed put after eating and drinking various cups of tea… that really is special! I touched it up post lunch and it remained until home time.  I did notice it was slightly wearing off in the centre of my lips by the time I got home, but the longevity is still pretty impressive. Sometimes when this happens it can look really messy but I could just about pull this fading off.   This lipstick also made my teeth look lovely and white – I guess that’s another bonus to being a blue red!

MAC Red lipstick review swatch

As you can see from the picture above, I did not apply heavily – it was a work day after all, but at least you can see the diversity of MAC Red.  Yes, it is a bright vibrant red and applied with a lip liner and heavier it certainly does create a bold lip. I however, opted to apply only using a lip brush and a much lighter touch and as you can see this gives a lovely finish.

So there we have it.  MAC Red. The lipstick that got me through the first day of the week!

MAC Red lipstick swatch review

Hope you found this review useful! Have you ever tried MAC Red? How do you rate it?

Talk to you all soon x

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