Charlotte Tilbury Portobello Girl Lip Lustre Review & Swatch | Lipstick Monday!

With the brighter days of Spring fast approaching (oh how I am looking forward to this!) I decided to break from my usual tradition of wearing a lipstick and wear a lipgloss. Yes thats right, a lipgloss alone with no lip liner or lipstick! Quite a change for me, but what better product to use than Charlotte Tilbury Portobello Girl.  A lovely high gloss pink that looks lovely over lip products and just as pretty on its own!

The Charlotte Tilbury lip lustre is perfect for a wide range of ages as it creates the optical illusion of youthful fuller lips.  I applied lip lustre in the morning just as I was leaving the house.  It did not leave me with the feeling one usually has when wearing lip gloss, in fact I actually found it to be quite hydrating and soothing which is quite unexpected. The Lip Lustre did not last past my first drink in the office, but with the colour being so natural it was easy to re-apply at my desk without using a mirror!


I have rather full lips, but would recommend this gloss if you want to achieve the look of fuller lips. You could try dabbing a little in the centre of your lip to add some dimension.

You can purchase the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Portobello Girl for £16.50 from Charlotte Tilbury counters and online. I plan to do a tutorial soon on how I achieve the ‘perfect pink lip’ using this lip gloss and my Coachella Coral lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury. These two products work so well together, but its lovely to know they work well on their own too!

Have you tried Portobello Girl Lip Lustre? Do you have a favourite lipstick to wear it with? I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon x

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