MAC Hue Lipstick Review & Swatch | Lipstick Monday!

For todays post I am sharing with you all a little look at the MAC Hue Glaze Lipstick.  I have had this lipstick for some time and used it after a long hiatus today.  I was drawn to this colour as I just wanted a natural low key look on my lips, and this lipstick was perfect for achieving just that.

MAC Hue is a lovely pale pink peachy nude that works particularly well with a smokey eye. I do however find that this lipstick picks up every line on my lips, and I don’t find this quality particularly flattering. I think I would achieve a better quality finish applying a lip liner first to act as a base and also darken the colour a little.

I applied this in the morning, and it only lasted about an hour.  As the finish is so sheer it was very easy to reapply so I did not find that this was a problem.

I have very pigmented lips and found this colour a little too pale for me, but if you are fairer you may be able to make this work.  In future I plan to use this to lift matte lipsticks.  I am particularly looking forward to trying it over MAC Velvet Teddy.

You can purchase the MAC Hue lipstick for £15.50 from MAC counters nationwide.

Have you tried this lipstick? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Talk to you all soon x


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