Quite Possibly The Best Beauty Invention Ever! – StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner And Drier by Stylfile | Review


I absolutely love makeup, but I definitely don’t like cleaning my makeup brushes! Sunday afternoon would often be the time dedicated to cleaning my brushes and I could easily spend half an hour just cleaning my favourites and laying them all flat to allow the air to dry them naturally. I have some expensive makeup brushes in my collection, and am always conscious not to allow water into the handle especially on wooden handles as they are so delicate and prone to weakening or even worse breaking. It can often take hours for the brushes to dry completely and I must confess for these reasons I sometimes find myself not cleaning them for a few weeks at a time …. I know, utterly disgusting on my part and very unhygienic!

I have been a fan of the Stylfile brand for some time. Inventor Tom is the man behind the ingenious S shaped nail file that make filing nails to a professional standard a dream. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom in the past, and he was lovely. I wish I had the chance to meet him now and thank him for his latest invention, the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier. This invention is quite possibly the best invention to the beauty industry in recent years. Not only does it clean your brushes to a surgically clean standard in seconds, but it also dries them in seconds too making it possible to reuse the brushes immediately after cleaning them. No longer do I have to spend time cleaning each brush by hand in the sink and make a complete mess in the process by splashing dirty water around the sink!

Below are the pictures of the individual components included in the StylPro Makeup Brush and Drier Kit.

Left to Right: Makeup brush cleanser fluid, Glass cleaning bowl with silicone seal and splash guard, Silicone collars (in a variety of sizes to fit different size brushes) and StylePro device along with attachment spindles.

So, let me show you how this invention works!

First of all, add some of the cleaning solution to the glass bowl.  I find the StylPro cleansing solution works better with my foundation brushes, but this is not essential. You could use your favourite cleanser by any brand. Take the silicone seal and guard and ensure it is securely attached to the bowl.

The next step is to take your makeup brush and decide which silicone collar fits best.  Once  the collar fits securely, attach a spindle to the base and then attach it to the StylPro device.

Now the magic happens! Dip the makeup brush into the solution and gently press on the bottom of the bowl to make the makeup brush splay. Turn on the device and watch it spin in the solution for approximately 10 seconds. After this, gently lift the device out of the solution (but still in the bowl) and let it continue to spin.  You are then left with a beautifully clean and dry brush ready for using again!


You can purchase the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier for £49.99 here

I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It not only cleans my brushes to a very high standard, but also dries them within seconds too.

Have you tried the StylPro cleaner? Let me know if you have tried it out or if you are planning to order one in the near future. I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon x


20 thoughts on “Quite Possibly The Best Beauty Invention Ever! – StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner And Drier by Stylfile | Review

    • It very much depends on the makeup brush I have cleaned. For example, my Tarte foundation brush that I use with my NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation gets quite dirty. I therefore always use new water and solution after cleaning this brush, however when it comes to my eye brushes I use the same solution.
      I have used my Real Techniques cleansing gel with the kit and it worked a dream. You could also use baby shampoo – this works great too!

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  1. Thanks for your detailed review! I was wondering: what happens when you use baby shampoo? How do you rinse the brush? Do you have an additional step where you throw away the water&shampoo and add clean water to the bowl and repeat the process?

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    • Thanks for your comment! When you have the cleaning solution of your choice and water in the bowl you turn on the device and it spins in the water. After about 10 seconds, I pull the brush out gently while it is still spinning. As the brush is spinning so quickly, all of the dirty water spins off it leaving it ready to use and dry straight away. You are then left with a bowl of dirty water that you then tip down the sink so you can repeat the process! This brush cleaning kit is absolutely amazing and I can’t recommend highly enough! Have you visited the website that I have linked to? You can see it in action! X

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    • Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am still loving this little device. It really is fantastic! It feels very sturdy so I see no reason why it wouldn’t last for many years to come! I will check the manufacture country for you.


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