A Little Introduction To The New Charlotte Tilbury Scent Of A Dream Eau De Parfum! | Review

How excited was I today to come home to a little unexpected parcel from Charlotte Tilbury?! This was made even more exciting as I first read about this stunning new perfume on her website last week.  I received a sample size of her new perfume and the cutest little key of attraction charm and ribbon!

Scent of a Dream is the first perfume by Charlotte Tilbury.  With Kate Moss as the face of the scent and prettiest dressing table worthy bottle I have ever set eyes on!

What I like about this perfume is that it contains oils that Charlotte has been personally wearing for years.  This adds a personal touch to the product.  I also love the thought process behind this perfume.  The idea that perfume can attract others and change the energy of people around you by reacting with your bodies pheromones!

The secret behind the formula is a blend of top notes including lemon, peach and black pepper, floral heart notes and a base including hedione, ambroxan and fire tree. It also contains Iso E Super, a fragrance addition that I find utterly irresistible.

So, what does Scent of a Dream smell like? Utterly stunning! I sprayed the perfume onto my wrists and the scent initially was very fresh but developed into a lovely warm scent that really is like nothing else I own.  Which, for a perfume connoisseur is quite something!

This perfume is a real head turner and (I’m sorry Mr Bank Manager) I will definitely be purchasing the full size bottle which launches on Charlotte Tilbury online on August 15th and nationwide on September priced at £49.00 for 30ml.  I can’t wait to enjoy this perfume on a regular basis!

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream Perfume Review

Talk to you all soon x


2 thoughts on “A Little Introduction To The New Charlotte Tilbury Scent Of A Dream Eau De Parfum! | Review

  1. Yay I know how you feel, I also received a sample sized tester in the post. And I to was all a fluster. I love your blog and this post. Its lovely that she is trying to change the mood set of others through her perfume, I love Charlotte she is someone I really look up to and feel like I have some common ground with her as I to am a mother of two young kids.
    Love your work
    Give my blog a look I would love some feedback
    Annmarie xx

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