Charlotte Tilbury – The Complete Hot Lips Collection!

I have been so excited about sharing this post with you all! My love of lipstick has officially hit dizzy new heights when I took receipt of the new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection last week. I pre-ordered this set a week before release and counted down the seconds for release day! Hot Lips by Charlotte Tilbury channels everything that I love about lipstick. It draws upon its ability to make you feel empowered, change your state of mind, boost your confidence and pick you up when you’re feeling down. The right shade also boosts your beauty and enhances your natural features. Charlotte has managed to create a collection of 16 lipsticks that suit my every mood. From the natural ‘my lips but better’ Liv It Up to an utterly beautiful ‘look at me’ Hell’s Bells.

Hot Lips are 16 lipsticks featuring 4 bestselling favourites, inspired by and in collaboration with some of the world’s most inspiring celebrity women, including Miranda Kerr, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Kate Bosworth, Laura Bailey, Cindy Crawford, Helena Bonham-Carter, Liv Tyler, Emily Ratajkowski, Carina Lau, Poppy Delevingne, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz and Kim Kardashian-West.

The lipsticks come in the classic Tilbury rose gold packaging and have lips embossed onto the bullet. I was also lucky enough to get a complimentary Charlotte Tilbury lipstick holder  which is currently taking pride of place on my dressing table!

The Complete Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection Kidmans Kiss, Bosworth's Beauty, Secret Salma, Nude Kate, Electric Poppy, Kim K.W, Hells Bells, Penelopes Pink, Miranda May, Very Victoria, Hot Emily, Carina's Love, Super Cindy, Liv It Up, Tell Laura, Sexy Sienna Review & Swatch

Left to Right: Kidman’s Kiss, Bosworth’s Beauty, Secret Salma, Nude Kate, Electric Poppy, Kim K.W, Hells Bells, Penelope Pink, Miranda May, Very Victoria, Hot Emily, Carina’s Love, Super Cindy, Liv It Up, Tell Laura, Sexy Sienna

The Hot Lips Collection is everything I have come to expect from Charlotte Tilbury. The lipsticks glide on effortlessly and last for a good few hours. Every colour is absolutely beautiful and stands out in there own way.  Sure, there are some colours that I don’t think suit me particularly well, but nevertheless I am glad I have been able to try them all out.

My favourite shades so far are Secret Selma, Liv it Up and surprisingly Hell’s Bells! Over the coming weeks I will share with you in more detail the individual colours and finish on my lips.  I can’t wait to share these with you all!

If this little snap shot of the new Hot Lips collection has got you intrigued then I would love it if you would follow my blog to keep a track of which colours I recommend!

Talk to you all soon x


Rosie For Autograph at Marks & Spencer Makeup Haul

As you can see, I have been a rather busy girl lately! I have fallen in love with the Rosie for Autograph collection at Marks & Spencer. Every item from the range is totally wearable and a real pleasure to do so too. The on-trend rose gold packaging makes this every bit as pretty in the makeup bag as it does on the face. I decided to treat myself to a few things and have been so excited to share with you my new products!

First up is the eyeshadow palette in Copper Gold Rush. As you can see from the images below, this particular palette has lovely rosy bronze hues and is very reminiscent of the Naked Palette 3.

The palette contains 4 x 2.5mg of product and is priced at £18.00. The eyeshadows are so easy to blend and a real joy to use.  How pretty is the rose detail embossed on the brown shade?

I also treated myself to the Starstruck Highlighter in Get The Glow. This is not a product that I would usually be drawn to but after watching the Lisa Eldridge tutorial on YouTube, I decided this was worth a try. You get 5g of product for £15.00. I use this product after I have applied all of my makeup to highlight my cheekbones, and also use a little on my cupids bow to accentuate my lips. It is not often a products comes into my life that makes me wonder how I ever lived without it – but this is definitely one of them!   You can apply the product straight fro the tube, or by using a brush. Either way gives a lovely finish and for me, is the stand out product from the collection.

I am sure you all know by now that I am more of a lipstick girl than a lip gloss girl, but I have been really enjoying using my Charlotte Tilbury lip glosses recently so  thought the Lip Glossy pencils deserved a try.  They are perfect for those who want an effortless look that makes you look very polished and well put together.  I chose two colours that are very different.  Super Model Smile which is a very natural rose hue and Lights, Camera Action which is a glossy red that is perfect for giving that pop of colour without looking too done. These lip glosses are similar to that of a Clinique Chubby Stick and give a moisturising high shine. They are priced at £12.50. I love the finish these give – they are so soft and delicate yet not lost on the lips like some glosses can be.

Finally, I couldn’t resit these two lipsticks in Lady Rose (left and top) and Camisole Blush (right and bottom).  Perfect ‘my lips but better’ shades.  They are lovely to wear in both colour and feel on the lips.  They almost feel like they melt into my lips and provide a cushion like texture.  Like with the eyeshadow, I am particularly taken with the rose embossed on the bullet! A small finishing touch that makes these lipsticks a little touch of affordable luxury for every day of the week! The lipsticks are priced at £14.00 each.

So there we have it.  A little look into the new Rosie for Autograph range at Marks & Spencer. One could say, I am utterly hooked!

Have you tried any of these colours or products? I would love to hear from you if you have!

Talk to you all soon x

A Delivery From Harrods Fit For A Princess! | Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Créme Charlotte 252 | Review & Swatch

Princess Charlotte, Lipstick and Harrods. I’m in absolute heaven sharing this post with you all!!

Last week I discovered that Marc Jacobs Beauty has officially landed on UK soil.  The lovely people at Harrods have made room in their beauty hall to allow us all to get our hands on the cult products that Marc Jabobs is so well known for.  No longer do we have to travel across the Atlantic and head for Sephora to get our fix and buy in bulk (although I probably still would given the opportunity!)

The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Créme comes in a variety of different shades with a formula that promises to last over 10 hours and cover lips in one swipe with a richly pigmented colour.  Each lipstick is named after a woman who has inspired Marc, and in conjunction with his arrival on British soil has named one Charlotte.  A lovely pink inspired by the deepest saturated tones of an English rose.  This colour is exclusive to Harrods.

I have tried a couple of lipsticks from the Marc Jacobs beauty line and have been rather impressed with the formula.  I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on this lipstick, admittedly because of the buzz around the name (I am a Kate and William fan if you hadn’t already guessed!) and the exclusivity to Harrods.  It arrived two days after I placed  my order and I wore the colour the next day.  I can honestly say this lipstick is every bit as beautiful as I hoped and buying blind has, on this occasion, worked out well!

The packaging is sturdy and considerably weighty.  It certainly looks expensive.  The cover secures magnetically to the base and gives a rather satisfying click in the process!

The colour is a vibrant yet wearable pink.  I would say that if you were buying from the name / description alone one would expect more of an earthy muted pink. Perhaps my thoughts of an English Rose are different to some.  The pink is very flattering and it suits my cool complexion.  I applied this using a lip brush to get a precise and clean finish.  It was easy to apply from the bullet and has a soft buttery texture.  The staying power of this lipstick is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I did not get transfer on my coffee cup when drinking, which for such a vibrant colour is quite remarkable.  It didn’t last through lunch however once reapplied took me straight through to the evening.

As you can see from the images above, the lipstick has a lovely sheen to it.  I really enjoyed wearing this and would recommend trying it out if you are ever visiting Harrods.

The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Créme is priced at £24.00 and is exclusively available from Harrods. I was going to love it anyway purely for being named after Princess Charlotte, but I can honestly say this is my favourite lipstick I have bought in recent times!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the lipstick that caused a buzz on twitter.  Let me know if you have tried it out, or can recommend any other colours from the collection!

Talk to you all soon x

Lush Haul | Snow Fairy Body Wash, The Comforter Body Wash, Salted Coconut Hand Scrub and Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask

Lush Haul 2015 The Comforter Body Wash Snow Fairy Body Wash, Golden Hand Shake Hand Mask Salted Coconut Hand scrub review

It has been a busy shopping week here at Pretty Honest HQ! A Space NK haul yesterday and Lush today! Just like Space NK, Lush is another shop I simply can’t walk away from empty handed! So, inside my little brown bag is a selection of body washes and hand products.  So lets see what caught my eye!

Lush Haul 2015 The Comforter Body Wash Snow Fairy Body Wash, Golden Handshake Hand Mask Salted Coconut Hand scrub review

I love a ‘at home’ manicure and I am always on the lookout for products to try out.  Salted Coconut Hand Scrub (£7.95) is a lovely creamy coconut scented scrub that just transforms my hands.  If you have slightly dry hands and are looking for a product to instantly transform them in seconds then look no further.  I take a small amount in my hands and gently massage under running warm water.  I would recommend taking full advantage of the benefits of how this scrub leaves your hands immediately after and apply a generous helping of hand cream.  I can honestly say two days later my hands are still dramatically softer.  I cannot recommend this hand scrub highly enough!

Lush Haul 2015 The Comforter Body Wash Snow Fairy Body Wash, Golden Handshake Hand Mask Salted Coconut Hand scrub review

Next up is a product I am yet to try.  The Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask is a waxy product that melts in hot water to create a thick creamy lotion that you can soak your hands in.  I will review in detail when I try this out (you won’t have long to wait..I am so excited to find the time to try it!) This is a real bargain at £2.95.

Lush Haul 2015 The Comforter Body Wash Snow Fairy Body Wash, Golden Handshake Hand Mask Salted Coconut Hand scrub review

Finally are two products that I picked up near the counter! As you may know from reading my blog, I am a fan of The Comforter Bubble Bar, so picked up the shower gel in the same scent.  It is a lovely blackcurrant scent and lathers up beautifully! I also picked up the Snow Fairy Body Wash. If you are a Lush fan I am sure you will agree with me that nothing spells out Christmas more than this product, does it?!  A lovely candy floss scented body wash that fills the bathroom with a lovely sweet scent. it is very rare that I can still detect the scent on my body throughout the day but I certainly can with these.  I bought the smaller bottles (100ml) and they are priced at £3.95 for the Snow Fairy and £4.95 for The Comforter.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my Lush haul as much as I enjoyed buying it! My only regret was not buying a bath bomb (or two….or six!) so I can confirm that bath bombs are on my shopping list for this weekend! I would love to hear any recommendations if you have any!

Talk to you all soon x

Space NK Haul | Artis Elite Collection Circle 1R Makeup Brush and Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray

Space NK Haul Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray Artis Elite Collection Circle 1R Brush

No matter how hard I try I am unable to walk out of Space NK empty handed. My recent trip was no different and I walked out with two items I just can’t wait to try out!

Artis Elite Collection Circle 1R Brush review Space NK Haul

Artis makeup brush Elite Collection Circle 1R

I wasn’t thinking of buying a new makeup brush, but these particular ones caught my eye. I couldn’t figure out what exactly these brushes were at first glance as they are so different to any other brush I have seen before.  These brushes are designed to fit the shape of our hands when applying our own makeup.  They come in a large array of sizes from foundation and powder brushes to eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes.  I chose the Circle 1R.  It has a tilt from the handle and a round fibre brush that provides a soft yet focused finish.  This particular brush applies the product into the creases of my lids softly to help sculpt them and give an airbrushed finish.  It can also be used on other small areas such as the corners of the eye and beside the nostrils. I must admit my first thought was to use this as a lip brush so that I can work the lipstick into my lips but I am thinking this brush is almost too good for that.  I am looking forward to giving this a try and will update with a review as soon I have tried it out.

Space NK Haul Oribe Thick Finishing Spray review

Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray Space NK Haul

Next up is a hair product. I am really enjoying using my Oribe haircare collection at the moment, so couldn’t resist adding this to my collection. The Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray is perfect for plumping up my hair.  I thought this would be perfect for when I put my hair in ponytail and want to add a little volume on the crown. Again, I will give this a try and share with you all my thoughts.

The Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray is priced at £36.00 and the Artis Circle 1R Elite Collection brush is priced at £25.00

Hope you enjoyed my Space NK Haul! I can’t wait to try them out and share with you my findings!

Talk to you all soon x

Tanya Burr Review and Swatches | Picnic in the Park Lipgloss, Peaches & Cream and Mini Marshmallows Nail Polish

Feel Unique Haul Tanya Burr Cosmetics Peaches & Cream Nail polish , Mini Marshmallows review, Picnic in the park lipgloss review,

Recently I shared with you all a recent haul where I treated myself to some Tanya Burr Cosmetics from Feel Unique.  If you missed this post, then you can catch up here.

I promised to share with you all my thoughts on the products, so without further ado, lets get started!

Lets start with the Lipgloss.  As you know from my Lipstick Monday posts, I am more of a lipstick girl than a lipgloss girl.  However, after watching Tanya’s videos lately where she uses her branded lipgloss I managed to forget for a while that I don’t really wear it and eagerly placed one into my basket! Yes, I know…. thats what happens to me when faced with makeup products! The only hard decision was what colour to get, but I decided to go for Picnic In The Park.  A lovely pink shade that looked easy to wear yet still stayed true to the shade it was upon application. Often coloured lipgloss can get lost on the lips and just look glossy.

Tanya Burr Picnic in the Park Lipgloss Review and Swatch

Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park review and swatch feel unique haul

The lipgloss applied smoothly and the applicator made it very easy to use. It is the perfect colour for looking glossy and groomed.  It does have that sticky feel, and I must admit, it has not converted me back to lipgloss. It does however look good for a relatively cheap product so I really can’t complain.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park review and swatch

Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park review and swatch

Next up is one of my nail polishes in the shade Mini Marshmallows.  A lovely pink colour that looks clean and natural.  It was relatively easy to apply but definitely needed at least two coats.  I was disappointed that the colour did not translate relatively well onto the nails.  Perhaps a third coat would look better. I was however very disappointed that even when used with my usual Nail Apothecary top coat, it chipped after two days!

Tanya Burr Mini Marshmallows Nail Polish Review Feel Unique

So, whilst I would not repurchase Tanya Burr Mini Marshmallows nail polish, I would definitely recommend Peaches & Cream Nail Polish.  A lovely shade that I think is best described as foundation for my nails.  A lovely nude brown shade that is so delicate and pretty.  I am in LOVE!

Tanya Burr Peaches & Cream Nail Polish Review Feel Unique

The polish applied very easily and two coats looked great.  This polish lasted longer without chipping.  I couldn’t help but glance down at my nails throughout the day as I thought it was so pretty.  I even had a compliment from someone saying how much they liked the shade!

So, there we have it.  A little update following my Feel Unique Haul post.  I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful!

I would love to hear if you have bought any cosmetics from the Tanya Burr collection.

Talk to you all soon x

What did I order from Feel Unique?! ……… Come And Take a Look!

Feel Unique Haul Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review Haul

There’s nothing more exciting than the postman knocking on your door with a parcel, is there?! Even when you know what is in it! So, I thought I would share with you beauties my haul from one of my favourite online cosmetic stores. really is my first port of call for all things beauty. They have it covered from hair to pedicures, and everything else in between!  Not only do they offer competitive prices as standard, but there are always some good voucher codes to be found online.

So, lets not waste any more time! Lets open the box and reveal the haul! 

Feel Unique Haul Tanya Burr Cosmetics Peaches & Cream Nail polish , Mini Marshmallows review, Picnic in the park lipgloss review,

I’m sure you have all heard of Tanya Burr! A lovely beauty blogger who really is living my dream! I have always been familiar with her, but never really watched her videos. I have however found myself increasingly logging into her channel on YouTube to see what she is up to.  Tanya has been lucky enough to produce her own range of cosmetics, and the reviews and swatches online looked really impressive.  Feel Unique had an offer on her products recently giving us 3 for 2, so I decided there was no better time to try out the collection!

As you all know, I love my nude nail colours so I bought Peaches & Cream (above left) Mini Marshmallows (above right) and a lovely pink lipgloss in shade Picnic in the Park.  The packaging is really pretty, with gold lids and cute little hearts.

Feel Unique Haul Tanya Burr Cosmetics Peaches & Cream Nail polish , Mini Marshmallows review, Picnic in the park lipgloss review,

The nail polishes are priced at the bargain price of £4.99 for 9 mls and the lipgloss is priced at £5.99 for 7.5 mls.

Full reviews will follow in the coming weeks once I have tried them all out, but first impressions are certainly good!

Have you tried Tanya Burr Cosmetics? How do you rate them?I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon x

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