Chanel Garconne Le Vernis Nail Polish Review & Swatch

I have a very short post for you all today, but one that I have been looking forward to sharing with you since I posted my little review of Chanel Organdi. My manicure of the week in Garonne is one of the latest additions to the Chanel nail polish line, and is a lovely colour and unlike any other in my collection.

Garconne is a grey colour with warm undertones.  The coverage is lovely and rich and applies very easily and gives a lovely smooth streak free coverage.

To achieve this particular finish I applied two coats of the Garconne nail polish and a top coat of Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat.

You can purchase the Chanel Le Vernis nail colour for £18.00 from Chanel counters nationwide.

Talk to you all soon x


Chanel Organdi Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour Review & Swatch

I have fallen head over heels in love with my latest Chanel nail polish.  Organdi belongs to the Longwear nail colour range that promise to deliver a longer lasting colour.  I was instantly drawn to this colour as it is simplicity at its best yet delightfully different and pretty.  A beautiful cashmere dusky pink with a subtle brown undertone. The colour is shimmer free and makes my nails look so clean and elegant.  Some nude colours can be relatively hard to pull off, but this shade would suit a range of skin tones.

I applied two coats of Organdi and used the Chanel Le Gel Longwear top coat to achieve a glossy finish, and a review of the top coat will follow shortly once I have tested the longevity of the product.

You can purchase this nail colour from Chanel counters nationwide priced at £18.00.

Organdi is officially my new favourite nail colour. This colour is going to take some beating –   I absolutely love it!

Talk to you all soon x


My Manicure Of The Week | Ciaté London Olivia Palermo Hutch Nail Colour

Coat London Olivia Palermo Hutch Nail Polish Nail Varnish Review Swatch My Manicure of the week

Just a short blog post for today. On Sunday I shared with you all the Ciaté London Olivia Palermo Fashion Edit collection and promised to share with you all a look at the full manicure as and when I used the different polishes.  I decided I would choose a red for this week which is a change from my usual trusted nudes. I won’t go into too much detail,  as you can read my earlier blog post here.

To achieve this look I applied a base coat to protect my nails.  This is really  important especially when using a darker colour.  I then applied two coats of Hutch and topped it off with a top coat. Olivia created this as her go-to red.  I think it may become mine too!

I am quite enjoying flaunting my red nails this week.  Its nice to have a change, and we all  know a change is as good as a rest!

Do let me know your thoughts on this colour.  I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon x

Ciaté London Olivia Palermo The Fashion Edit Collection | Review and Swatches

Sunday evening is upon us again. For me anyway, the most depressing night of the week. For that reason I am going to share with you all a post I have been looking forward to doing for some time. The Ciaté London Olivia Palermo Fashion Edit collection includes four miniature nail polishes created in collaboration with the beautiful Olivia. They have been inspired by the runway from the London, Milan, New York and Paris fashion weeks. This collection really does offer a colour for everyone and is the perfect way to try a new shade without splashing out on the full size.

The packaging is really pretty and has been taking pride of place on my dressing table since Christmas! The lid lifts off to reveal the four polishes, and was a real pleasure to photograph. They are however so pretty that this gives me the problem of deciding which colour to choose! Decisions decisions!

New York – Hutch – A vivid bold red

Milan – Sunday’s – A lovely powdery pink and is, surprise surprise, my favourite!    

Paris – Napa Valley – A rich bordeaux red

London – Brooklyn – A deep purple

The Nail Polishes are very pigmented and the darker polishes looked good with just one coat.  The bottle design made application a breeze and I particularly appreciated the larger brush that Ciaté are known for that make application a dream. I found the formula of the nail colours to be particularly good.  The polishes contain an exclusive and advanced dual polymer mesh lock technology that ensures a durable and long lasting shine. Volcanic glass is also added to the polish to create a plumped up gel like appearance.

Ciaté London Olivia Palermo The Fashion Edit Nail Polish Collection Brooklyn Sunday's Napa Valley Hutch Review Swatch Swatches

Left to Right: Brooklyn,Hutch,Sunday’s and Napa Valley.

I will share with you the full manicure as and when I choose to wear the colours, but at least you can see swatches of them if you are thinking of purchasing. You can buy the full sizes for £17.00. This collection of miniatures (each 5ml) is priced at £25.00 so it is an affordable way of trying out a variety of shades.

I love how the nail colours are so rich and the packaging divinely pretty. A box ticker in every way.

I hope you found this post useful, and I would love to hear if you have tried these colours out. Ciaté London have collaborated with Olivia Palermo to create a makeup collection and the colours look equally as amazing. Lovely earthy browns and muted nudes are the colour palette in making everyday lipsticks and eyeshadows. Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear how you have found them and if they are as impressive as the pigmentation of these nail colours.  I can say however, that if they make me look like Olivia Palermo then put my name down for one of everything!

I will see you all tomorrow for Lipstick Monday.

Talk to you all soon x

Nails Inc Nailkale Illuminator Bright Street | Review

Following on from my post yesterday where I shared with you all my thoughts on the Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File, I thought I would stick with a similar theme and share with you all how to further enhance your natural nails.

The Nails Inc Nailkale collection has long been something I have been keen to try out. It is the first superfood nail care range made with kale extract for stronger, smoother and healthier nails. I was given this lovely gift set for Christmas which includes a mini Nailkale Superfood Base Coat, Bright Street Illuminator and St John’s Wood Gardens Nail Polish. I will do a review of each of these in the coming weeks but for todays post I am concentrating on the Bright Street Illuminator.

The Bright Street Illuminator features iridescent pearls to brighten the pink of the nail bed and make the appearance of the tips whiter.  This creates the illusion of healthy nails and is perfect for those who want to look well groomed, and lets face it, who doesn’t want that!

I applied one coat of the Bright Street Illuminator to my nails and it dried very quickly. I could immediately see the results and it lasted for a good 4 days chip free. It made my nails feel very strong and much more resilient against splitting and breaking.  This is thanks to the patented regenerating complex (a Aldehyde, Zinc and Calcium blend) that boosts the production of keratin for harder healthier nails.

I feel my nails have benefited from taking a break from a regular nail polish, however because the Illuminator gives a glossy polished look I feel I get all the benefits of a top coat with a treatment rolled into one.  I will definitely include this in my routine from now on and try to to ensure I use the Nailkale Illuminator every few weeks.

You can purchase a 14ml bottle of the Nails Inc Bright Street Illuminator for £14.00 from various outlets including, John Lewis and Sephora to name but a few! You can also get the set that I have for £19.00. Perfect for trying each of them out before investing in a larger bottle!

Have you tried the Nails Inc Nailkale collection? Do you love it too? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Talk to you all soon x

Pretty Honest Beauty Blog January Product Of The Month | Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File | Review

I am a little behind with awarding the January Pretty Honest Beauty Blog Product Of The Month, but there is no mistaking who wins! My product of the month is the Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File. I have not looked back since using the foot file from her range and still, all these months later, love it and derive all the benefits as much as I did from initial use.

After much research I discovered Margaret Dabbs also have an exciting collection of products for the hands. I thought I would try out the crystal nail file, and I am absolutely delighted I did!

The file is slim, relatively lightweight and very effective. I use this file on both my hands and feet ensuring I only file in one direction.  I find that this file gives a smoother and finer finish to my nails and makes shaping them incredibly easy. I have filed my way through many nail files in my time and this one is by far the best. I do not feel this file puts any pressure on my nails when filing them, as minimal pressure is required in order for this to work.

You can purchase the Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File for £12.00.  This file will last for some time and for an item that gives such salon quality results is an absolute bargain!

You can purchase the Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File from various outlets including and Margaret Dabbs online.

Margaret Dabbs is fast becoming one of my most trusted brands, and I can’t wait to try out more from her range.

Have you tried the Margaret Dabbs Crystal Nail File? Do you have a favourite product from her range that you can recommend? I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon x

Smith & Cult Pillow Pie Nail Polish | Review

Smith & Cult Pillow Pie Nail Polish Nail Varnish Review Swatch Above it all top coat

For todays post I wanted to share with you all another Smith & Cult nail polish.  Pillow Pie is a lovely powdery pink that looks simply gorgeous on the nails.  Finding that perfect opaque soft pink is actually quite hard.  All too often the colour I am expecting from the bottle is not what translates to my nails and the pink is much more sheer than what I really want.

As you know from my previous review of Doe My Dear , the nail polishes are 5-free meaning they are free from nasties that are quite often found in nail polishes.  The bottles are absolutely drop dead gorgeous with each lid being unique in shape. They look stunning on my dressing table.

Smith & Cult Pillow Pie Nail Polish Nail Varnish Review Swatch Above it all top coat

I used two coats of Pillow Pie and one Above It All top coat.  The colour did not drag and went on streak free. The nail polish is very highly pigmented and glossy. The top coat really plumped the colour up and added exceptional shine.

You can purchase Smith & Cult Pillow Pie from Space NK and Selfridges for £19.00. I would recommend this colour if you are after a shade that makes your hands look clean and tidy and one that matches any outfit!

Have you tried any of the Smith & Cult nail polishes? Do you like this particular colour? I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon x