My Makeup Setting Spray Beauty Tip!

I discovered a little beauty hack recently that really works – and naturally wanted to share it with you all!

I love using my Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, and really notice the difference on days I forget to use it.  You can catch up on my review of the spray in detail here – Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – Review

I recently suffered from sore eyes and was faced with a real beauty dilemma! I wanted to fix my makeup with my setting spray but didn’t want to spray any into my eyes as this would only aggravate my eye complaint.

So, what is a beauty addict meant to do in a situation like this?!  ……. Improvise!

I use my MAC 187 brush (but any soft kabuki style brush would do) and lightly mist my makeup setting spray over the bristles.  I then gently pat the brush  over my face.  This gives exactly the same finish as misting it in the usual way, but I am able to control where the setting spray falls.

Another benefit of applying in this way is that I suffer from a very oily nose, so I am able to make sure my nose has more spray than drier areas such as my cheeks.

Have you ever tried applying your makeup setting spray in this way? If not, give it a go and let me know your thoughts!

Talk to you all soon x


Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar – Review | Christmas Gift Idea!

Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar Review

It’s exciting times here at Pretty Honest HQ. Christmas is coming and that means one thing. It’s officially the season of gift buying! I would love to write a Christmas Gift Edit but the ladies I buy for read my blog, and I don’t want to give away their presents! This is however, the perfect opportunity to do a mini review on this lovely product. The Lush Magic Wand. I was given this as a present recently, and used it today for the fist time.

I love nothing more than a Lush Bath Bomb but they can be quite expensive when they are single use.  The Magic Wand is not only pretty to look at but also excellent value for money as it is reusable.  Fill the bath with warm water and wave this wand in the water to release a lovely burst of candy floss scented bubbles.  For bigger bubbles run the wand under running water.  The result is simply heavenly.  A bath filled with the scent of Snow Fairy.

Lush Magic wand Reusable Bubble Bar Review

After using this wand, pop it on the side (I use a soap dish) to dry out for next time.

Lush Magic wand Reusable Bubble Bar Review

The Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar is priced at £5.25.  It lasts for approximately 10-12 uses.  You do have to be very careful with the stick as it doesn’t feel like it holds the weight of the star very well. However, if it did break it wouldn’t be a huge problem as it would still be useable.

This is a lovely Christmas or Secret Santa gift to give to friends or family.  Don’t forget to tell them to make a wish!

Talk to you all soon x

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink 64 Lipstick Review and Swatch | Lipstick Monday!

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink 64 Lipstick Review Swatch Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Kate Middleton

So, I have made it through Monday and this is my reward!  The chance to sit down and share with all my blogging friends the lipstick that has got me through the day.  What a day it has been too.  The clocks went back over the weekend and today particularly dragged. I was feeling the cold this morning and running a little late, so I decided minimal effort was to be put into my lipstick today.  It has been a while since a lovely nude lipstick has featured on my Lipstick Monday Posts.   I always look to Bobbi Brown for all things understated and natural, and nude lipsticks are definitely something that she does so very well.

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink 64 Lipstick Review Swatch Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Kate Middleton

Blondie Pink was the colour I wore today. A lovely warm pink with beige undertones. This lipstick was catapulted onto the beauty map in 2011, when Pippa Middleton wore it to the Royal Wedding in 2011.

So, apart from the initial colour I was also somewhat impressed with the overall performance of it. I applied Blondie Pink just before leaving the house today and it lasted all morning with minimal transfer to my coffee cup! It was easy to apply and went on smoothy. The lipstick is a semi-matte finish with a full coverage.

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink 64 Lipstick Review Swatch Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Kate Middleton

Blondie Pink is the perfect colour for adding to your makeup collection as it is great for wearing to the office or with a more dramatic eye. The lipstick gives a lovely polished look to the face, and does not sit in the lines of my lips.

While there is no doubt this is a beautiful lipstick, personally speaking my favourite Bobbi Brown lipstick is still Sandwash Pink. This is purely down to the fact that I find Sandwash Pink gives just that little extra sparkle to my complexion.

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink 64 Lipstick Review Swatch Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Kate Middleton

The packaging is classic Bobbi Brown style with the sleek black tube and gold detailing. You get 3.4 grams of lipstick and it is priced at £20.00 from Bobbi Brown counters nationwide.

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink 64 Lipstick Review Swatch Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Kate Middleton

I hope you enjoyed the little insight into my look for today.  Have you tried any Bobbi Brown lipsticks? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Talk to you all soon x

My EOS Lip Balm Collection | Review

EOS lip balm review strawberry sorbet medicated tangerine pomegranate easpberry lemon drop SPF 15 summer fruit coconut swirl vanilla mint review

It would be fair to say after buying one EOS lip balm I really didn’t need another, or another, or indeed another.  There is however something delightfully addictive about these little spheres.  I don’t know what it is that makes me love them, maybe it’s the tactile feel to them, the way they fit perfectly into my hands or whether it is the fact they are reminiscent of sweets.  I think in fact it is the flavour of the lip balm, and yes, they really are as mouth watering as they sound.  One thing is for sure, I am not alone in my love for EOS. They are hugely popular!

As I said earlier, I didn’t need any of these after buying my first one (it was Vanilla Mint for those interested!) , but at the same time I just couldn’t resist them!

My collection includes Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Lemon Drop SPF 15, Sweet Fruit, Vanilla Mint, Coconut Swirl, Honeysuckle Honeydew and last but (hopefully!) not least my favourite Medicated Tangerine.

EOS lip balm review strawberry sorbet medicated tangerine pomegranate easpberry lemon drop SPF 15 summer fruit coconut swirl vanilla mint review

There is something else that makes these lip balms special.  They are 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free.  They are packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil.

EOS keep my lips soft, and I certainly do not feel that they dry my lips out which is a feeling I have had with other lip balms.

I like to stock up whenever I am in America because they are a lot cheaper across the pond.  I have bought the odd one in Urban Outfitters but not every hight street is lucky enough to have one of these.  I have however discovered some exciting news, they are now available at!

They are priced at £6.50 but let me warn you; you may not be able to stop at one!

Have you ever tried EOS lip balms? Do you have an addiction to rival mine?! I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon x

pretty honest

How I apply sheer nail colour | A Pretty Honest Beauty Tip!

OPI Nail Polish Nail Colour Bubble Bath review

Sheer nail polish can be quite disappointing when it applies so sheer you lose the colour it is meant to be.  I wanted to share with you all a little tip of how I apply my sheer colours to really make them pop. And the good news is, you only need one product to achieve this; a matte top coat.

Recently I bought OPI’s Bubble Bath after thinking how pretty the nude nail colour was.  However, when I applied it I was disappointed to find it looked like I had only applied a top coat, no matter how many coats I applied. You will be able to see this finish in the picture below.

OPI Nail Polish Nail Colour Bubble Bath review

One way I have found that really makes a big difference is applying a matte top coat.  This of course means that I am then able to paint another layer of nail colour over the top.

Barry M Top Coat Review

The image above shows how the top coat looks when applied over the sheer nail colour.  You will see how it almost neutralises any pink tones of my nails that show through the sheer polish.  I then paint another coat of my sheer nail colour, in this case OPI Bubble Bath over the top.

OPI Bubble Bath nail polish review Barry M Matte Top Coat

And this is the finished look.  So, just to recap this is one coat of OPI Bubble Bath, followed by a coat of Barry M Matte top coat, then another application of OPI Bubble Bath and finally my regular glossy Sally Hansen top coat.

I think this enhances the colour of the nail polish while not losing the pretty delicate sheerness of it.  It allows the colour to shine through without being influenced by my natural nail tones.

I hope you find this little tip useful. It has given a whole new lease of life to my sheer polish collection!

Talk to you all soon x

pretty honest

Masque Bar Anti-Blemish Mud Mask – Review

Masque Bar Anti-Blemish Mud Mask

I am really enjoying looking after my skin at the moment.  I won’t lie, this is partly because for once in my life I actually quite like how it looks.  For todays post I wanted to share with you all a lovely mask I have found on the shelves of Boots.  I have been intrigued to try this brand for some time so when I found it was on offer I decided to give it a go.

Masque Bar is a fairly new brand that have created a range of beauty breakthroughs from teams across Asia, Europe and the Americas.  They promise to deliver a range of masks that exceed the benefits of those you would find in spas.  Now that really is a promise!

These masks are developed in Korea, and this really excites me as Korea it the hot topic of the beauty world right now!

You get three individual sachets each containing 15ml of product.  I shared one sachet with my mum and managed to do this twice so  one was actually enough for 4 applications.  I ensured the opening of the sachet was sealed securely so had no problems with it drying out.

The mask contains ingredients such as kaolin and fruit oil to name but a few.
Masque Bar Anti-Blemish Mud Mask Review

The mask is a thick creamy white clay that you apply to a cleansed wet face avoiding the eyes and lips.  I leave the mask on for at least 15-20 minutes (even 30 minutes plus!).  The mask will dry to a harder consistency and at that point you will know it is ready for removal.  I take the mask off using warm water, and it leaves behind a lovely glowing fresh appearance.  It calms down any redness I may have and leaves my skin wonderfully smooth ready to take on my makeup the next day.  As always with any clay mask, its important to moisturise well afterwards. My Mum and I have different skin types but we both found benefits in using this mask.  I therefore think this is a product well worth recommending to you all.

This mask is currently on offer in Boots for £9.99.

Have you tried any of the other masks in this range? I would love to hear from you.

Talk to you all soon x

pretty honest

Chanel Le Vernis Beige Rose 655 Nail Colour – Review

Chanel Le Vernis 655 Beige Rose Le Vernis Nail Colour Review Swatch

Just a short post for today, but one I simply couldn’t resist sharing with you all. Summer 2015 saw the release of the Chanel ‘Les Beiges’ collection. A beautiful collection of beige nail colours that had my name written all over each and every one of them! The colour I am particularly excited about is Beige Rose 655. My manicure of choice for this week!

Chanel Beige Rose is a beautiful glossy pink colour that is the perfect colour for brightening up my hands. It goes on effortlessly and does not streak. This colour has been on my nails for four days so far and it is still chip free.

Overall, I am really pleased with this nail colour. It is priced at £18.00 and you are still able to purchase from some outlets online, but if you are interested I would be quick so you don’t miss out!

I am most impressed with the finish of this colour. In fact, I think it has a gel like quality. What do you think?

Talk to you all soon x

pretty honest