My MDM Flow lipstick collection & my very own custom colour!

It has certainly been a while since I last shared with you a blog post, so I wanted to make my come back post a good one! Have you heard of MDM Flow and her beautiful collection of lipsticks? If the answer is no, and you love bright vivid colours then I strongly recommend you test these out when you see them.

I was lucky enough to meet Flo on a recent shopping trip to Bath.  She was sat in the Anthropologie store offering customers a unique custom blend lipstick totally made for their requirements.  What more could a lipstick lover like myself wish for?! I was totally submersed in girly heaven for about half an hour while Flo asked what my usual colour was and mixed up a custom blend just for little old me! I was amazed as she blended my colour adding a little more blue, and a little more red until she had it…. the official Pretty Honest Beauty Blog Lipstick! Once I was happy Flo set it in her machine and then popped the bullet in to a pretty gold case.  My Dad was with me at the time, and even he was amazed by Flo’s talent.  I’m so pleased I stumbled across this once in a lifetime chance to have my own lipstick made.  MDM Flow sell a collection of lipsticks and liquid matte lipsticks that are certainly unique.  I have four in my collection so far, Panther a vivid candy pink, Milkshake which is an optical illusion of appearing milky white in the bullet and transforming in to a bright pink that intensifies as you rub your lips together. I also have one of her liquid matte lipsticks in Empire State which is a traffic stopping bold dark plummy pink shade that does not budge and I mean does not budge!!

Below are the swatches of my shades. If you would like to see the look on my lips then just let me know and I will certainly share this with you all!

Top to Bottom:

Panther, Milkshake, The Pretty Honest Blog Lipstick and finally Empire State.

MDM Flow lipstick swatch


Isn’t it great when you find a new brand that excites you for future releases, and even better when the founder is so lovely!

Talk to you all soon x